Thursday, December 30, 2021

The team work together, eats togethers.. stays together!!!

The team work together, eats togethers.. stays together!!!

Sri what is this invincible team means...?

I just looked at the direction of the question came in...

A board was smiling at me and repeated the question..!

I winked at it, and said "see you came here for a specific reason...after the reasoning is perfect, and worth the efforts.. this is called bonding"

"You will be sent back to the location.. there again you will be subjected to the required challenges.. and you will end up in a fine tuned environment .. and you will feel happy start serving the product.. This is called de-bonding"

"You will have many flaws, that needs to be calibrated, repaired.. you will be subjected to the calibration process or some bad moments from your life will be taken out and reinfused with new lease of life.. This is called re-exporting process.  This helps you to rejuvenate and life will be full of enthusiasm"  

"Some times you can not leave your problems.. nor live with the problems...will be sent for a temporary shifting.... that eases you up and you will again charged up"

"many times work from home will be the best will be at your best environment, no kiri kiri of travelling, no waste of time.... you will be at your best ... and you do wonders.. that ignites your passion of achieving great success and finishing the project on the dotted line... "

"Arey arey.. what sri you are bringing all the logistics terms here.. what is this?"

"arey yaar ... logistics is nothing but logic + statistics... when you interpret the law with logic and put the statistics properly it becomes logistics... that is the life... means.. you question and get the answer which is logically right and put the same in the statistics tab...that becomes logistics for your life.."

See the below image... every thing in the image is in the motion... 

Chariot is moving, 

Arjuna aiming the arrow

Krishna taking care of the chariot

Horses are running

The flag on the chariot is fluttering 

When there is a movement.. you will be moving ahead.. that is logistics...!

Super sri..really i liked the statement... ok tell me ... you said.. The team work together, eats togethers.. stays together!!! 


"sri Can you explain..?"

"See the beautiful team had lunch together.. spent invaluable time together.. pulling each other leg, laughing out the same time eating delightful stuff.." 

"These moments spent together just ignites the bonding...see here people from warehouse were there, people from physically moving the material in and out were there... people specialist in the documentation front were there.. and above all the the team manager who is taking care of the team getting along with them... that is called the team spirit.."

"sri that's a nice way of putting the team together ... can you introduce them to me one by one"

"yes board.. its my privilege will introduce by their names in alphabetical order "

Archana: Not in the picture.. but the super boss of this invincible team... There is no problem which she cant find the solution with 100% perfect compliance

Aruna - The manager of this invincible team she is simple, down to earth.. smiling attitude.. that solve most of the problem upfront

Ajaz - Smiling guy, thinks with the foot down, and gives a perfect clarification for everything does

Hemanth - Soft attitude, smile on the face, and just puts head in to his work, and sees that it gets over before logs out

Kishor - When the documents requires, he quietly completes the job, concentration is what it demands, yes he has it

Paul - not in the picture today...but quickly learnt the ladder to climb and a reliable source now 

Siva - A front face, gets in to the grove and resolves the subject with a purpose and gets in to challenge with success

Suresh - You name it and he has the solution in a jiffy.. he has wonderful knowledge about the subject, and put a wonderful effort to manage the show

Subrahmanya  - Cool guy..  Meticulously work towards target by looking at the solution from every end of the corner... he plugs all the possible solution to any project.. 

Sri:  #$#$%##%$%$%$%$%

Wow..... that's great team to reckon with ... The year 2022 not only becomes more vibrant for this invincible team.. but successful in meeting up the challenges and stepping up the gas pedal for a great success with a superb cycle time...!!!

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