Monday, March 7, 2011

Reunion of Crazy Guys of Savanadurga - 5th March 2011

I live for friends...I leave good moments for friends..

This Saturday was one such occasion, where our Savanadurga trek gang wanted to meet for a chat n chat.  So as usual, fulcrum of making the balance fell on me.  

I called our divine friend "Kishore" The Jigar Man (Not Jaagir), he promptly accepted our heart of invitation.  Am thankful to him. The place fixed as Jayamahal Palace Hotel (Heritage Hotel).  What a place it was, our stomach was burning with hunger, but the ambiance, the landscape, the eagerness to meet the buddies compensated the hunger.
Jayamahal Palace Hotel - Heritage

Kishore was eagerly waiting for all of us (Me, Sandeep, Yashdeep, Latesh), but we too were eagerly wanted to meet the man of the moment.  He just finished a meeting, and was waiting for us. When i called him up, he said, am already in the hotel, then in my usual style i said "Hope you are not waiting for us to pay the bill" the joke was silly, but the impact on Kishore was very high, he was holding his stomach, and laughing at us, when we reached him.
Kishore - The Jigar Man
His confusion between, who is who of Sandeep and Srikanth, is one more incident, which demanded laughter from all of us. Hopefully he is now clear who is who, if not one more I-Spy-You game on the cards.
Smarty & Saint giving solid Pose
From his talks we realised, how good the words from Yashdeep's words...simply he said, probably this piece of lands belongs to turned out to be true, when kishore narrated that, this Piece of peace belongs to his ancestors (once upon a time)

We had a nice, light snacks.  Kishore, the entrepreneur experience was something we were hearing with ears, and heart open.  What an achievement from him.  We were blessed guys to rub the shoulders with a magician, who is Jigar-dar in his own right.  His words of wisdom were eye opener for us.  The experience he shared with us can be explained.  Just it brings goose bumps on us.  Hats off to the ice cool, down to earth entrepreneur i ever met in my life time.
The inspirational stuff from kishore!!!!!!!!
Few snaps, may not tell the story of our high adrenalin rush, but the experience is great thing to cherish in the heart than with the keyboards
No not Srikanth...coz..there is only one crack in our team

The group snap, was a perfect finale for an enthralling weekend.  
Me, Smarty, Saint, Jigar, Deepsun in order

When there is a symphony in the heart, and the walk..this is how we respond.  Following snaps perfectly show case of our friendship
It says...we are way our friendship

And finally our heart was cheering like below, for one more stupendous trip...waiting on the cards...See you soon.
Our heart was heavy...but will come back with a bang!!!!!!!!!!!!