Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reunion of National College - 1993 Batch

An SMS from an unknown number initially triggered this great reunion after a gap of 18 years.

A call from MG road BSNL Exchange informing that, Harinath KP would like to talk to us surprised me.  Then when i had answered the call, it was one of the biggest moments, as he called us for a get-together in his palatial house near Jayanagar for the degree batch from the National College, Basavanagudi.

As promised in drenching rain, was there in the venue by 5PM on a chilled sunday evening on 24th July 2011.

I was the first to get in to his house, followed by cute couple of our batch Satish and Vinutha.  We explored our college days, by then Basavaraj came in.  Anand, and Raghuram followed.  We thought this is the last bunch of guys to come in as it was raining cats and dogs.  We didnt had any hopes of new entrants.  

We were savoring the nostalgic moments and also lovely snacks, We had a lovely time, Vinutha noted down all of the mates contacts numbers, and also email id's, and we were almost to ready to get up from the seat, by that time Ravindra ventured in with his family.  It was nice to his family, and also getting the information that one more from our batch Rajshekar Patila was on the way.  

A nice group snap triggered the idea of meeting all of them again and possibility of more people from the batch on August 9th 2011 at cosmo club in Jayanagar.

It was a great reunion indeed after a gap of 18 years, so many changes happened in our life, but not the friendship mind set, all belonged to the same mould even after a long long pause in our life.

Will meet again on August 9th 2011. Till then try to pluck and arrange more from the same batch of the tree.

Hatrik Reunion - Highschool Hudugaru -

Chandra's surprise reply to Venki's birthday mail triggered the idea of pulling the third successive reunion just couple of weeks earlier than the planned one in August 2011.

Mail floated up and down, and finally we all drill-downed to 24th July 2011 on the same place where we left our present and went on searching for new future, The National High School.  
The inspirational educationist - Dr. H Narasimhaiah
Chandra, and Shyam were the first to put their footsteps, followed by me, then new-bee for this re-union Satish T N, then the nimbiya lad Venki, and finally long long tall & Smart guy S K Sridhar. 

The newbies Satish T N, and Venki went deep in to the last 25 years, and pulled one by one interesting & humorous moments from the past to the present. It was a laugh riot all the way. 
Srikanth, Satish TN, Shyam, Chandra, Venki, Sridhar in order
We are all holding, pressing our stomach with great difficulty to sustain and to control ourselves from the pain of laughter. The moments spent were paisa vasool all the way.

A big thanks to Chandra for a quick look reunion, and also to all the mates who were present on this occasion. 

We are meeting again with more from the same branch of the tree in Mid of August 2011, till then wait and cherish the moments spent together.

See you guys on August 11 to reboot our National High School moments.
More photos in the following link