Sunday, August 21, 2011

Reunion - Part IV

This edition of reunion was a perfect planned as Satish Kumar JM had confirmed his presence in India in the month of August 2011.  And this reunion makes special on more than the reasons.

All the last three reunion were boys dominated, and stories, incident from our school era just flowed like a Angel falls from great heights to all deep valley.  But this reunion announcement made few people curious to know who will be new to this edition.

Our reunion had a lady luck smiling at us in the form of Dr. P Leela, and effervescent Roopashree (who many of us including me believed that she doesn't belongs to our batch as venki was famous for releasing bloopers, as it is venki who identified and recognised Roopa)

It was a pleasant surprise to see the tall handsome Vinod as well.

Our part IV edition had people from all walks of life.
Shyam - The Class"ic" leader of our batch
Satish - The eternal iron-Sports boy of our batch
Vinod - smiling beauty of our batch
Venki - The "Class (or say bath) room singer - The Nimbia guy
Roopashree - The silent element of our batch
Leela - The bookish gal who studied, studied to top the charts all the time
& finally Srikanth

As happened in our previous editions, memory, funny incidents rolled out by each and and everyone.
The snaps from our high school days brought out by Roopa and Leela added more life to this edition as each and every memeber in the snap were able to get the name tags after a marathon 23 years in our life.

Great thanks to security folks who honoured our request, and opened the school gate for us to savor the moments we left there, and carried in our heart in search of future.

Some lively moments were
1. Haadu baa kodbale song rehearsal from Vinod Kumar
2. Repeat enact of "Nimbia" song
3. Roopa, and Leela added few incidents which were remarkable in its own from our school life

The snaps are available in the following link.

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