Sunday, April 1, 2012

5th Reunion in past three years - High School Mates

A snail mail from the chatter box (High Definition Girish) removed the cap from the 5th Re-union of High School mates.  Few mates confirmed their availability, few expressed their inability to join the laugh riot of a reverse journey to the school era. The final count was less, but had a impressive lineup.
Venki, Sri, Shashi, Sridhar, Vinod in order from left!
Cool and Smart Shashi dialed my number. since i was zipping on the road, Venki took the call. The venki started yelling on the phone just like opposition leaders screams in the parliament.  The cool sunshade, spiked hair, ultra modern attire all made Venki's whole body looked like "foreign" returned, except tounge, which seemed in the vicinity of  less than 90Kms on the mysore road. The autowalas, the passengers were dumbstruck  as they could see a great reunion of ultra modern with extra-ordinary rural life.

I was laughing with full tears rolling out from the eyes, we both landed in front of our temple, the National High School.  We came to entrance of the High School, Shashi was standing behind the locked gate, and expressing his ice cool aggression, depicting "you buggers say something and do something", by that time, i felt to inform our smiling smarty "Vinod" to enter through the college gate.  

To kill the time of 500 seconds, Venki, and myself started digging the memories from the school days era, by that time, Shashi, and Vinod were walking the ramp doing a "male" Cat walk. Shashi used polite words to subdue to the flying venki's mouth to ground zero.  

As usual we talked all and everything about our school life, and Vinod said lets have some coffee, and told me to call the people who are joining us to come to the cafe cool corner on the KR Road.  

Coffee break happened, by that time our Elegant Sridhar, walking down to the cafe with a luggage in the hand made venki to forget about the fact that it was a festival "Rama Navami". and next day was Monday.  Both days are holidays for Gandhian's.

Coffee break happened, each one had their own share of memories to unfold on this sojourn.  

In the mean time, i was trying to get the others, but Brahmananda on a professional commitment was headed towards Chennai, HD Girish was on the way back from Davanagere, and TN Satish was not in answering mode, Roopashree fully tied up with year end closure, Shyam was stuck with relatives, so only left out on the panel was SN Prasad, who just dropped his family members, was on the way to the get together.
Prasad, Sri, Shashi, Sridhar, Vinod in order from left!!!
What a scene we witnessed, the hyper smart SN with clean shaven face looking just as if coming out from a Degree class.  Literally he was looking very much younger than most of us.  

Our customary Masala Dosa, and hot strong coffee followed with pleasant exchange of memories all the way.

Prasad narrated his engineering days of his life, Venki down to underground picked out valuable pebbles from the ocean his life, Shashi a good listener, and cool aggressive command brought many History & Mistory of HVR - Geographic Teacher, Vinod his smile itself can ignite the passionate mates unearthed so many hillarious moments, Sridhar the fine narrator reframed "Joint Robot" episodes, Srikanth just switched on his record player to records all the moments.

Even though this reunion missed sheer shining presence of Shyam, Brahma, Girish, Satish, it had its value, as mates still coming with the same enthusiasm just like how we use to enter class in our school days.

Thank you mates, lets meet again!!!!!

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