Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ha Ha Ha....Fine Plotter!

It is not the usual Bengalooru..even though every platform of bus stand, raliway station, airport was brimming with people from around the globe, but there was no chaos.  

They were at their best, and no high decibel noise, no cheering or screaming. Every one who were supervising the junction were held back by surprise, what is this whats happening....

The policing force went in to the crowd, but they could not find one incident or situation where the noise would have reached the roof...

The supreme commander of the policing battalion went past a character in full length black suit, with flowing hairs, with a trade mark smile which just made him to stop and say hello to that character. 


"Hello Sir"

"Whats happening here, am getting a information from all the hubs that, there are oceans of crowd, but all are at their best... neither they are disturbing the ambiance, nor their fellow passengers, all are glued to their seats, and looking at their wrist watch, and smiling at it again. I found you are a kind of person who appears to be leading them all in... would like to know, if you don't mind!

"Hello sir, you are a observer par excellence, with due to respect to your analysis, and also the worried highway track lines on your forehead, I can gauge that you are not able to digest this peace and calm crowds"

"Yes yes madam..each moment passing, am feeling more and more restless...!"

"ha ha ha ha....Ok...I will free you from that..wait wait...another few more seconds..."

"few more seconds for what...?"

"there it goes, 10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.............................common..." 

There went a big big screaming...."Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to Nivedita Chirantan...Happy Birthday to you!"

and it went for exactly 5 minutes....people got in to Busses, Flights, and Trains and with a calm and happy faces, all got in to their respective libraries across the world in no time......and slowly slipped in to the books from where they evolved....!

The police officer could not believe his eyes, just rubbing his eyes, pinching himself, and with a astonished look he turned around, the nightingale voice came near by and said..

"hello sir...let me clarify you, today is 31st birthday of a writer who gave birth to all of us with a world class script..her name is Nivedita Chirantan, she made ourselves very proud that, we came in to existence in this world only because of her...So to wish our originator, all the character she plotted in the stories came out from the respective book shelves from across the globe, and wished her, and left to their places....and the silence factor, the character our mam depicts in the stories were never loud, they are emotion filled, and affection balanced,  who always stays calm irrespective of the situation they are in..and that is the reason there was no chaos neither in their head nor in their heart!!!"

"oh oh oh...what a magical moment in my life..characters from the book coming out and wishing and going back...this is truly marvelous.....mam..may i know your name...and if you have time..can we sip a tea at the tea shop in this chilled wee hours.. i know you are expecting a bus which will take few more minutes to come"

"Yes sir...why not..i love to have tea in this chilled morning, and that too from that tea shop which is my favourite place..."

"lets walk madam..."

after sipping hot hot tea in an eerie silence...police officer broke the silence

"by the way...whats your name.....and where you are heading too..when you are coming back to this tea stall again..."

"Am going to Vijaynanagar to meet my fan..and am coming back to this shop on 2nd March 2013 at exactly 5.45AM"

"Have a good take care of yourself madam..and also convey my wishes to Nivedita Madam"

Arpita gave a heart pounding smile at him!

Even though the wind was its chilling best..the police officer....was happy that he met a finest character ever plotted on this earth!

"Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday to you Nivedita Chirantan .Happy Birthday to you...I salute to a great writer who just makes us to give a standing ovation every time you comes with a telling story filled with assurance, re-assurance and insurance"

Happy Birthday!     


  1. I knew it was arpita the moment i started reading... such lovely birthday wish.. the best wish i ever got in my 31 years of life (other than the mom's hug ofcourse).... Ahhh am so so happy to have you as a friend .... thank you thank you thank you so so so so much.. for the assurance, re-assurance and insurance of your friendship :) :) :)

  2. 'you are a observer par excellence' ನಿಜ ನಿಜ ಸಾರ್.
    ನಿವೇದಿತಾ ಮೇಡಂ ಅವರಿಗೆ ಜನುಮದಿನದ ಶುಭಾಷಯಗಳು.

  3. Wow! wonderful way to wish the great writer... Well I am feeling a bit foolish of myself to say I didnt know about her & her writings... Thanks for introducing us to the great writer!