Saturday, March 23, 2013

Get-together- Alemaarigalu!!!

"Brother where are you?"

"100 years SS!, was just about to call you am just parking my vehicle..another 60 seconds"

New bee to alemaarigalu group, the ever smiling Sulatha was at the predestined venue at the razer sharp time. I was astonished to see her, when we had a tough battle with time, and still failed miserably...

we two were discussing all the issues under the sky, there comes a call from the solo rider, Ravikanth, "Srikanth am near the entrance to the bugal rock, where are you?" next few seconds he was in front of us. 

Then came the charming smiling guy Somashekar, guided him to our place, few minutes later Rolling star Darshan made his appearance with his characteristic smile. 

Energetic man famous for sublime narration , Kishor, who was on a Bangalore round trip!!!, finally landed to our place. 

Today being the inspirational day where in "real" freedom fighters, Sri Bhagat Singh, Sri Raj Guru, Sri Sukhdev,  who almost doomed the British empire in India with their selfless service to the mother land, sacrificed themselves to the knot of English Raj almost 82 years ago. To give homage to these real hero's Sandeep, and Raghu arranged the screening of the movie The Legend of Bhagat Singh in their office campus, what a gesture!..hats off two these two gentle giants, also arrived to the destined place. 

By the time it was time up for Sulatha, who had an another appointment to honor, so she rushed back home, by that time, the inspirational knowledge bank, and multifaceted personality Girish Somashekar joined us. 

There was a warm atmosphere, even though most of the eight people seeing each other for the first time, but it was hard to believe by the way they talked to each other, exchanged jokes, big high fives.  Yes yes, this is the spirit of alemaarigalu group.

One by one started cracking jokes, tripping experience, gripping tales all were re-winded for hours together. No one was feeling hungry (pardon me not all!), but everyone was interested in hearing others conversation, experience to cherish, and also debated on the next outing from the group.  Finally the debate was landed in to two options.

1. A day trip to Bheemeshwari
2. A day trip to Pustakada Mane near Pandavapura, and explore the surrounding places.

Based on the majority, will zero on the destination, and the date. 

Guitar started pulling its strings in the stomach, with out blinking the eye lids for the second time, headed towards Jolada Rotti Oota in the adjacent Kamath Bugal Rock. This was the nth time many of us going there, so we knew what to expect in the lunch menu.

The stomach full lunch was finished in no time, the suppliers were tired of serving all the items again and again. We were determined to eat whatever till the last pie of the bill :-)

While coming out, one by one started explaining the day outing
1. Kishor: I need this kind of energetic steroids, often, to recharge myself, and whenever i meet..something in me getting unlocked!!! 
2. Somashekar : My stomach is aching, I can not laugh further..don't crack any jokes please! am filled with e-motions!
3. Ravikanth : A wonderful time spent in a meaningful way! Only you people can pull me out of my solo bike rides!
4. Darshan: I can not wait till the next itinerary, please schedule ASAP, i dont want to miss the fun! If i miss, it will be camera with out a charged battery!
5. Somashekar: A wonderful team spirit, I would like to part of this all the time!
6. Sandeep: Whatever your plans are...My default answer "Am in"
7. Raghu: Plan something early, and ..................... I like to be with this team!
8. Sulatha: A nice team feel, but Girls are less, plan for a one day outing, if any gals comes in, i will be in. 

Thank you all, for making the 210 minutes of cracking entertainment all the way. Our jaw's were aching with pain and said "you fool, do not pack everything for one day!.. keep the gap between the frequency to the minimum, so you will be enjoying, cherishing the moments all the time"

So heeding to the voices of JAW's it was decided that, alternate month there will be a get-together, and alternate month there will be a outing. 

After this outing..we were like in this picture below

Thanks guys for a memorable day spent with the cracking outfit - THE ALEMAARIGALU!!!!


  1. Nicely captured movements sri...

  2. Nicely captured each and every conversation as always you do. I was happy to meet alemaarigalu group. My presence was 50% still felt good. Would have been there till the end. Last but not least happy to join for a trip if any girls comes in:)

    1. Thank you SS. Your fifty percent presence was good enough, if you were there for the lunch session it would have been even more fine. Ya surely let you know in our next venture!

  3. What a Day I say............batteries full recharged.Surperb narration as ever Srikanth

    1. Thank you Kishor. You all people made the outing an wonderful memorable event.

  4. That was Fast Shri, and well narrated.

  5. That's ur greatness to remember "real" freedom fighters sir. Oh, Happy to here that Sulatha & Girish joined u. And the picture is really inspire to the born lazies like me.

    1. The credit should go to my buddies Sandeep and Raghu. Thank you Badari Sir. for one trip i will pull you for sure!!!

  6. Sorry guys .... again ... since i was on on-call support this week ... i could not make it ...

    :( ... BTW as usual ... Blog ge kanthi ...Sri kantha rinda :) .....

    ~ Giri

    1. No problems Giri, take your time. I guess..Time is waiting for a big surprise for you from alemaarigalu group. Thank you for lovely comment!

  7. AlemaarigaLu..... I like this word for various reasons. Nice to read, gr8 good going..... Munduvareyili snehada payana....

    1. Thank you Roopa. Yes i too liked that word very much. Thank you for lovely comment!

  8. Sir,

    Its my default comment, You words and you are awesome kano...
    Waiting for one more get together or outing.