Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Class Mates of 1985-1988

The following are the list of our batch.  Some interesting facts had been highlighted

1. Anand 
 He was CSP's favourite student.  He was very good at drawing.  His song in 8th Standard class room     "Ganesha ninna Mahime Apara" reverbarates still.

2. Anil
MKL used to call him Diamond, coz of his father business.  He left us after 8th Standard.  He was handsome, with heavy frame.

3. Anilkumar 
He was with spectacles, lean and thin guy.  Once during playing football, a bull had came to dash him off.

4.Anup Kumar
He was one of the arm in Brahmananda's circle

5. Asha
Silent girl in the class, with a pretty face, I still remember her saying english proverb "all glitterings are not gold" in the 8th standard

He was a close friend of Padmanabha

7. Brahmananda S H
Stylish guy of our class, his combing the hair style was so stylish, I couldnt copy him till date.

The long, tall, handsome hero, who was a good pair with Magesha, his comedy partner. Chakravarthy's father used to come to school in full suit with a Rose in the coat.

Silent girl, who used to be in the first bench all the three years in the high school.

10.Chandrashekar N
Venki's guru in all respects, and he was favourite student of  BRC, and BRC was Chandra's favourite teacher.

Always I remember him for the throw in he used to when we play foot ball..he used to hold small appu rubber ball in both of his hands.  His forehead was always stamped with "Vibhoothi"

12. Girish H D
He was close associate of Shashidhar

13. Girish K S
His answering to Quiz questions was awesome

14.Girish Ramanna
Silent guy in his own respect

15. Girish R  
Silent guy in his own respect

16. Balaji
Silent guy in his own respect

17. Hemanth Kumar
Fighting partner for JM SatishKumar.

18. Keshava R 
Bubbly guy with chubby cheeks

19. Kiran B S
Always his house name near Katriguppe was remembered "Rangu". 

20. Krishna Murthy N (Kitty)
His handwriting was a great thing to remember,and also his bowling & throwing whenever we used to be in the field

21. Krishonoji Rao  
His fights with Satish Kumar JM was rib tickler

22. Kumari Rani 
Charming face of our class

23. Kusuma
Silent girl,with a pretty face

24.Leela P
Intelligent and smart girl, now Missess. Brahmnananda

25.Lokesh G L
Handwriting specialist, and closest of buddy of Brahmananda

26. Magesha 
Comedy partner with Chakravarthy

27. Naidu (Don’t know full name)
Good guy.

28. Narendra
He was a close friend of Padmanabha

29. Naveed Pasha 
He was a close friend of Padmanabha, and well ahead of his times.

30. Naveen 
He was a close friend of Padmanabha

31. Padmaja H S 
Intelligent girl, and a chatter box.

32. Padmanabha 
He was in his own league

33. Prasad S N 
Charming guy, his Yogasana, front curly locks were good to see

34. Prasanna 
He had a very thick hairstyle to remember

35. Raja Babu 
Like a telugu heros, he was popular in his days

36. Ram Reddy 
Silent guy in his own respect

37.  Ramesh R 
His left hand bowling was good to remember in the fields

38. Ravi K S 
Silent guy, a good friend of Shashi

39. Ravindra S 
Portable guy, he was best when he was screaming

40. Satish Chandra K A
High english vacubulaory during that time

41. Satish Kumar JM
Cricket crazy, his dual with Krishonji was too good

42. Satish T N
Too talkative, good looking personality

43. Shankar
His silence speaks a lot.

44. Shashidhar NMV 
Smart, Silent Intelligent, his combing his hairstyle with his hands were good to see all the time

45. Shivakumar B K
Stout guy, his house was our stadium to view the cricket matches in TV

46. Shivakumar G D
The fall guy, and the easy prey for Chakravarthy, and Magesh's pranks

47. Shyam - Our class leader 
No words can describe this smart leader, His silence use to talk more than his words

48. Sridhar S K
The narrative genius of Giant Robot, ask Prasad S N

49. Srikanth K M

50. Sudha B S
One more angel of our class, Silent intelligent, close friend of Leela P

51. Sukumar K
The real hero, he was smart, intelligent, favourites of many teachers

52. Tulasi Ram 
The silent guy of that era.

53. Vanesh Kumar
The silent looking guy in his own respect, but literally not so :-)

54  Venkatachalaiah L 
What I can say about him, he brought the raw freshness of village to the town, and then he changed himself to suit to the city culture.  Pocket dynamite i can say (Bundle of intelligence)

55. Venkatesh  K
His fights with Venki was good enough.  These two little dwarf were fighting best in their era, remembered now for Tom & Jerry Show.

56. Venkatesh S S 
His unplayable spin bowling was awesome

57. Vijay Kumar K B
His damaging act in the school was thing to remember

58. Vinod kumar B V
The dimpled girly smile - a thing to remember

59. Yogesh M R 
Talkative just like Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met

60. Yogitha
Joined in 9th Standard, well ahead of her times, sadly she is no more in this world (That is the news i heard from someone)

61. Girish K
He was good, not remembering his exploits.

62. Roopashree
Venki brought her name in one of the reunion, but i couldn't recollect her name,...finally she showed her group photo with her girls in the classroom..I had to believe it :-)


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  2. Thanks buddy...

    Thanks for your comments....

    Ya it was an glorious moments meet some of our high school mates after a marathon gap of 25 years.