Monday, July 19, 2010

High School Life – And funny incidents – Part II

S K Sridhar, my bespectacled friend since 7th Standard, was a glorious narrator.  During our time, a popular TV serial was Giant Robot.  S N Prasad, our smart guy from our high school era, was a vivid follower of that serial.  If by any chance, if Prasad’s missed any episodes, Sridhar will be there to help him out know the serial story, just like how Sanajay used to narrate the Kurukshetra war to Dritharastra. Till today, I can visualize how bright Prasad’s eyes were when used to listen to narrative skills of SK.  He was genius in his own right.

One of my soul mate JM Satish Kumar was a vivacious follower and player of Cricket till today.  During our high school era, his tussle with one bubblier cricketer Krishnoji Rao was a world famous in story in our section. Both used to fight for wides, no balls, No. of balls bowled in an over, and anything and everything.  It looked kiddish during that time, but for us to rewind those episodes now, will be a laugh riot.

During 9th standard, for some non-sense reason, I and venki stopped talking to each other.  But we used to play cricket during morning session, and lunch break, he had one peculiar habit, I was  not at all a genuine player then and even now, but Venki when selecting the team of his choice, I will be the first member in his side.  It was a chidambara rahasya till today.  As for as my memory is concerned, I never betrayed his faith, I used to contribute significantly on the field.  After few days of silence, we broke our silence, and became best pals thereafter.

Our class had a small kiddish looking Ravindra, he was like portable TV of that generation.  Hardly he used to weigh more.  But he used to scream nicely.  During our school day function, whole school had been served with lunch, and an apple and some snacks.  After the heavy lunch just to give a work for our digestive system, we started playing the foot ball.  It was a dull match, as all of our stomach was full, barely we could able to kick the ball.   During one of the encounter, Ravindra was tackled, and he fell down to the ground, screaming in the pain.  During that time, when all of us went to him and trying to treat him, our generous venki, straight away put his mouth in to the Ravindra’s pocket in the trouser, and was trying to snatch the apple popping out. When Ravindra was shouting at venki with all sorts of foul words, and the rest of us was holding our stomach in pain due to laughter. You rewind this incident anytime; surely you are going to have tears in your eyes due to laugther.

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