Monday, July 19, 2010

High School Life – and the funny incidents – Part III

S N Prasad was a craving figure during that time for three reasons, one it was for his charming looks, second for his bend it like beckham body due to Yogasana, and third because of his artistic genes, as his father was in to dramas, TV serials and all, he had exposed to Dramas in All india Radio.  One such play in the radio was made available to all the students in the class through live broadcast. It was one of the proud moments for all us that, a budding actor was studying during that time. 

With due to apologies to Shivakumar G D, am narrating this incident.  During 9th Standard, I was fortunate enough to share the bench with Chakravarthy and Magesh, the deadly duo like laurel and hardy.  Their comedy used to bring tears in our eyes due to rip roaring laughter. The deadly duo always running behind Shivakumar  G D for one or the other reason. During that time, the movie, “Premaloka” was released, and as you all know, all the songs were chartbusters.  One such song was “Premaloka dinda tanda premada sandesha bhoomiyalli hadi tilisona, preethi hanchona ananda padeyona, banni premada rahasya helona “.  These two, tweaked the song in a such a way that, even Hamsalekha will salute these two.  They used to sing like “Premalokadinda banda beediya sandesha, bhoomilyalli beedi Sedona, Beedi Hanchona, Hogeyanna bidona, banni beediya hogeya bidona” antha.  Shivakumar initial was GD, these two changed the initials to BD, and used to sing that song all the time.  It was a crazy moment for me, as Shivakumar was a good friend of mine, who used to share a good rapport with me, these two people literally make me to laugh everytime. Neither I could have a hearty laugh nor avoid.

Our geography lecture HV Ramamurthy (HVR), he was very fast in giving notes, so we have to keep our tabs on not to miss any of his notes.  He used to tell each and every punctuation marks as well, like comma, full stop, inverted commas and so on.  I used to sit next to Chakravarthy, and Magesha, when even HVR says full stop, chakravarthy used to hold my pen, and says “Pull stop”.  Means Chakravarthywill pull my pen, and I need to stop writing.  For me it was like a hair pulling situation, a milli seconds difference, I will be missing the notes. And I didn’t have any option than to laugh for Chakravarthi’s pranks. 

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