Friday, July 16, 2010

Guruve Namaha!

The teachers who put their soul to shape of our souls.

All the teachers left a indelible foot prints on my soul in one or the other way.

I was from the batch 1985-1988 batch, was in B Section, MKL was class teacher for our class, and Shyam S M was our inspirational class leader.  Below are the teachers who took various subjects during our high school tenure.

It is in not in order, all the teachers were unique in their own respect, putting it in an order is an insult to us. So thought of remembering and highlighting some key points of our great teachers from our great school "THE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL"
Our Temple - National High School
MK Lakshamana Shastri (MKL) : He was quick witted, effervescent , adorable.  He had a penchant for nick naming his students, which I adopted in my professional life till date. He was our class teacher & also Mathematics teacher throughout our high school tenure.

BR Chandrashekar (BRC): He was elegant, impeccable dressing sense, wonderful command over his body as well as his language.  Even though I didn’t understand any of his lectures during 8th standard due to my poor English knowledge, still I like the way he presented himself.

BS Ramakrishna (BSR): Always he was white clad person means white panche and white shirt, he was a stout personality.  His expressive eyes, mannerisms during the lecture of Ulysses and Cyclopes in English prose remembered till now. 

Ch. Si. Banashankaraiah (CSB): He was the teacher who ignited my passion for kannada.  His style of keeping dangling key chain in his side packets were a huge hit during those days.  His style of kannada teaching was awesome.  If at all I use impeccable kannada words, then the credit should go to him.

DR Vijayendra Rao (DVR) : He was our Biology teacher, he was stout and also a scout guide. His body shaking laughter remembered all the time. 

MR Venkatesh (MRV) : He was our social studies teacher, he was good.  He had the knack of bringing funny moments in the between the lessons.  Like bringing kottambari soppu, Karibevina soppu during the battle of plassey, Battle of Buxar, Battle of Talikote, and so on.  

HV Ramamurthy (HVR) : The man who saved me from the english ghost.  He was the teacher who used to explain the dull Geography lessons in an interesting way.  I used to wait for his class just to hear the wonderful narration filled with serious thoughts.  If am good at narrating something, then he is the man am copying all the way.  His dramatization of World wars I and II in 10th standard still echoes in my ears.  I bow my head for his great narration of World History especially World wars.

K Narasiappa (KN) : Our Geometry teacher.  Always I was amazed whenever he used to bring big wooden Protractor, Compass, and the scale to draw the geometrics figures on the black board.  He used the scale for optimum usage for two things one to draw the diagrams and second to hit the students across the class room by standing in his place.  His dialogue deliveries were too good to remember.

DV Nagesh (DVN): Chemistry teacher who was good at using the tweaky English purposely like “Chennagi Kalakit well” to remember his teacher all the time.  He brought some speed to our sagging classroom.His voice, hold on the language, the way he was presenting himself in front of his students,  awesome.

HL Ramachandra Shastry (HLR): The head master of the National High School during our era. His stomach shaking laughter was a huge hit during our time. His explanation of physics experiments was good enough.  He taught us “Vande Mataram” during our prayer session to the good effect.

K T Narayan Kumar(KTN):  Our English Teacher during 9th and 10th Standard. His pro jokes well ahead of our times were good.  Some of the jokes he cracked were not understandable to me during our immature days.   He nick named our Jokerish guy “Chakravarthi” as gundappa was too good.

K Chikkappayya (KC): Our Physical Education teacher, he was with the ASM.  I still remember he gave me a tight slap in an PT drill for a mistake done by one of my classmate.  I was not aware of what happened, but I became the scape goat on that ill fated day.But as people says the many hits makes the statue.  

Aslam (ASM): Our Physical Education teacher, who was well ahead of his times in all respects.  His way of conducting parades, band set were nice to see.

Chandrakanth Shyamarao Patil (CSP): He was short person, but very lengthy talent in terms of the great drawing he used to draw in a giffy.  Even though i was never an intelligent guy in carving curvey lines neither on the black board, nor on the white pages nor on the life pages, i admired his way of bringing nice diagrams with the unending lines.

S. Alasingarya Bhat (SAB) : (Courtesy H D Girish): The hindi teacher in 8th standard,  aged about  probably 50+ at that time, who used to be in white and white clothes (panche and jubba), He did very well to chase the ghost of hindi language in me.  His narration tota bola maar maar (again courtesy H D Girish for helping me to recollect) and the hindi lessons, poems were neatly narrated during thoses times.

Sridhar Hegade (SH) : 10th standard, New teacher had been appointed, in the stop gap he handled our class for a brief period, his teachings skills were good.

H.K. Gowramma (HKG) : She was the only lady teacher in our high school days, she handled our class in 9th Standard.

Venkataramana T Bhatt (VTB): When we were in 10th standard, New teacher had been appointed, his teachings skills were good, but since he was new, and young, the seniors in the class gave him very tough time.  Somehow  we comfortably sailed across the high school era, and the hindi language and viped the fears from my heart.

(Thanks to Roopa, HD Girish & Shyam for helping me to revive the memories of Hindi teachers)

Many more teachers are there, but due poor short term memory loss, not able to recollect all the great teachers of our era.

More to come....keep watching :-)


  1. Dear Sri

    I don't have words to explain how greatful to have you as without your witty narration and sense of humour the group is always half full.

    Do you call you have short term memory loss to remember so many things about our teachers, then we should call ( atleast I ) I am full term memory loss as I don't even remember nearly 20% of the names that you have listed here.

    So many things comes to mind, but you brought out it in writing and we should take really the inspiration from you to start writing about our friendship and also our great moments.

    Thanks for reminding us about the great 25 years of our friendship and starting this blog. Hope I can add too, some of my recollections to this so that we can leave footprints here to cherish for life time

    Keep writing and rocking ...

  2. Hi Srikanth, u have done a spectacular job! How do u remember all this?! I think v started from 1985. Thanx for the wonderful memories.....! leela

  3. wow ! its an early morning treat.. wonderful narration.
    your tearchers will be proud of you.


  4. As usual super write up maga!!! kudos to you for taking us to high school days and bringing us all teachers and memories:-)

  5. Thank you Sandeep...Infact am proud of studied under those kind of teachers..

  6. Thank you Venki..the school life is golden life..

  7. Thank you Leela and JM for beautiful comments..

  8. ಓದಿದ್ದೆ ಮರೆಯೋ ಈ ಕಾಲದಲ್ಲಿ ಓದಿಸಿದವರನ್ನು ನೆನಪಿಟ್ಟುಕೊಂಡು ನೆನೆಸಿಕೊಳ್ಳುವುದು.....
    ನಿಜಕ್ಕೂ ಅದ್ಭುತ ....ಅದ್ಭುತ.....

  9. Thank you Vijaya...that is true...Guruve namaha..became Guruvenu Maha now...!!!