Thursday, July 15, 2010

Silver Jubilee Year of friendship (1985-2010): Introduction of soul mates

I was fortunate enough to get in to the world of soul mates.  We were like pancha pandavas.  The Silent intelligent Shashi (Yudhistira), The Intel-giant-Venki (Bheema), The Conqueror of the ambitions (Arjuna)-Satish (fondly we used to call him – JM), The Brave heart Loki (Nakula), and finally good for nothing –Sriki. 

The meeting up of five souls.

Myself and JM’s friendship blossomed in 1984 in National Higher Primary School in Basavanagudi during our 7th Standard.  It was like any immature friendship, just we used to play together, quarrel, and fights all were part of our school days. 

Then during the next year 1985, when we reached high school, fortunately JM, and myself were in the  same 8th Standard B section in the National High School.  We were fortunate enough to get the contact of Venki, and then Shashi. 

So the next three years it ran like a bullet train, we had many memorable incidents to cherish in our life.

One more bogie to our bullet train life was waiting in the college life in the name of Loki.  Again gods grace all four of us were in the same section of PUC “C” section, where Loki joined our barmy army.

Later on it was heaven descended on the earth; the high fives were always together whereever we go.  It could be movies, it could be lunch, dinner,  or weekend visits to Ramanagara or anything. We followed each other like a shadow of each other.

Our souls were one, but the bodies were five.  That was the bond of our friendship.

More to follow.....keep watching :-)

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