Thursday, July 15, 2010

High School Life – And funny incidents - Part I

Till 7th Standarad I studied in Kannada Medium, the 8th Standard exposed me nicely to the troublesome world of English medium. 

On the first day of 8th Standard, first period was Mathematics, taken by the highly adorable class teacher Mr. MK Lakshamana Shastry (MKL), who was my guru in many respects, but for the most influencing character was nick naming the people. I lifted his logic, and started nick naming all my colleagues  in my professional graph thereafter.

There was no problem with mathematics in English or kannada, coz, in any languages 2+2=4 only.  The trouble  stood like a loitering ghost in the second period. That second period brought many goose bumps in me.  It was a Science class, and the teacher was Mr. B R Chandrashekar, he was known for silence, dressing sense, strict, and above all high English vocabulary. 

For me it was like kabbinada Kadale, he was explaining science  and the terms “Mixture”, “Compound” and all. I was dumb struck, coz, for my knowledge “Mixture” was an eating item, and the “Compound” was a wall concrete fence in-front of any house.  Till the end of 8th Standard, literally I didn’t knew the exact meaning of those words.  How much dumb I was then and even now J

Venki, he came from village background, Ramanagara. One Monday, straight from his hometown, he came to the school in a colour dress, one of his friend gave an idea, if you say, today is your birthday the PT master Mr. Aslam (ASM), will let you in.  The golden words clicked, and he was in to the class.  Unfortunately, the Kannada teacher Mr. Chi. Sa. Banashankaraiah (CSB or Ch. Sa. Ba) question Venki for his colour dress, he said the same Gili Pata (Parrot Speech) “My Birthday saaaar”, then the teacher asked him, what is your date of birth, with out any hesitation, venki told the actual date of birth, without knowing he is falling in to the trap.  Then the angry, and wild teacher gave him a tight slap, till today venki remembers it.

Again on one of school function (Talents day), Venki got selected to sing folk song infront of the full house close 1000 plus students and teachers.  He was robust, and his voice was intoxicating, he went near the mike, and started singing “Nimbiya banada myagada”, his voice was in high octane, and the gals sitting almost 50 mtrs away from the stage, literally close their ears, and heard the full song.  After that all of our stomachs were paining because of heavy laughter. But it was truly amazing, no stage fear for him, he went in full throttle.

More to follow :-)

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